Floating oil power plants – Minister of Economic Affairs, Robert Habeck`s next project to secure the power supply

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By Blackout News

Robert Habeck’s plan to replace the shutdown coal and nuclear power plants with gas-fired power plants has already collapsed after just a few months.

His announcement to replace Russian natural gas with liquefied natural gas from Qatar was also no longer an issue after a few days.

After that, he took refuge in the phrase “We have a heat problem and no electricity problem”.

Shortly after, it was there, the power problem.

This was shown by the second stress test for the power supply in winter.

Habeck therefore wants to transfer two of the three nuclear power plants, which he wanted to shut down on time a few days earlier, to the reserve. But Habeck’s reserve plan, as it turned out shortly afterwards, is not technically feasible and was not coordinated with the operators at all. Now Habeck already has a new idea.

Floating oil power plants are now to secure the power supply (Euractiv: 07.09.22). This time it works – definitely.

Habeck wants to replace nuclear power plant with floating oil power plants

According to a spokesman for the Minister of Economic Affairs, Habeck now wants to use additional oil power plants in the form of power plant ships, so-called power barges. These are primarily intended to replace the shutdown Lingen nuclear power plant in Emsland. These floating oil power plants are intended to secure the German nuclear phase-out. Although the technology is established worldwide, it is actually only used in developing countries.

Habeck wants to replace nuclear power plants with floating oil power plants. Ships would have to be
withdrawn from developing countries Image: SumbebekosCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Floating power barges burn diesel or heavy fuel oil

The electricity on these ships is usually produced with internal combustion engines that burn diesel or heavy fuel oil with poor overall efficiency. According to Tilman Tütken, Vice President Strategic Projects at MAN Energy Solutions, such ships are typically used in the Third World, where there is no money for power plant construction. The world market leader for Power Barges, Karadeniz from Turkey, rents out its 25 Powerships in countries such as Cuba, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Zambia. The electricity produced by the ships is very expensive and would not have been competitive before the rise in electricity prices. The largest of these Power Barges have an output of 500 megawatts. So, you would need at least two to replace a nuclear power plant.

Ships would have to be withdrawn from developing countries

In order to be able to pursue his goal of shutting down the nuclear power plants, Habeck will probably have no scruples about poaching the ships from the developing countries.

With more money, it is clear how the government also acts on the LNG market.

The fact that this type of power generation has very high CO₂ emissions is now obviously completely irrelevant.