New York Times column calls to repeal Pittman-Robertson Act

“The tax is now facing a challenge, with several dozen Republicans in Congress pushing legislation that would eliminate it as an infringement on the Second Amendment. Eliminating it would be a good thing — but not for the benighted reasons that inspire conservative ideologues obsessed with gun rights.” — New York Times

In Episode 297 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses the continual attacks on Pittman-Robertson Act funds –most recently, with the RETURN Act. Since the bill was introduced, preservationists have jumped in and called for the decoupling by firearms and ammunition excise taxes from the law. Most recently, the New York Times. Radical preservationists like Center for Biological Diversity are also petitioning the Department of Interior to strip the states of Idaho and Montana from P.R. funds because they permit wolf management. Tune in today to learn more.

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Photo: Gabriella Hoffman/Montana Black Bear – August 23, 2022


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September 1, 2022