More Covid/Climate links… Doubling down on wrong

Worlds’ number 1 tennis player, Novak Djokovic, is not allowed to play in the US Open because he is not “vaxed.”

Let that sink in.

If Jill Biden were an awesome tennis player, despite having Covid 3 times and apparently “vaxed” 4 times, she would be allowed to play.

Given Moderna is a proud sponsor of the US Open, perhaps.

Facts are dammed on what is going on, as it would not look good for someone that did not get “vaxed” to play especially when it’s obvious the vax did not stop Covid. It’s like getting pregnant and saying, well I would have had triplets if I was not on birth control.

Meanwhile, see this article: “‘Unusually Large’ Number of Soccer Players and Athletes Have Collapsed and/or Died Recently

I can go on and on, and so can you.

So, what is the link?

Think about what you have heard over the years. The arctic ice cap was supposed to disappear.

Greenland was supposed to melt into the sea.

Global tropical cyclone activity was supposed to go through the roof. The case is exactly the opposite.

What do we see the phony climate war pushers doing? Doubling down.

This is what is not allowing the unvaxed number 1 player in the world to play in the US Open because he is not “vaxed,” in light of all that is coming out. Its doubling down.

What are we seeing with energy policy? The world is being pushed to the brink.  The July 6th blog has turned out right. Europe Natural Gas prices are going through the roof.  See below:

See below:

And remember this from the blog:

The US abdicating its supply role has led to price surges globally. Do you think it’s bad here? You ain’t seen anything compared to Europe where “Green” energy policies and suppression of competition have put them in a position where power prices are 3-4 times higher than the US.

We are near what Europe was paying when Obama’s energy secretary announced he wanted Euro-type gas prices. So that was about 10 years ago and the policies I see being enacted here will send the US toward what is going on in Europe now.  Let us look at what could go wrong here, and while I am speculating on the result, I am not on the weather. In my opinion, steady unrelenting type heat is coming. Compounding the problem further down the road would be the early cold winter I am also talking to clients about.

They have now surged to 10x!

And this:

Suppose power prices surge so high there is simply no way to pay for them. This turns into more than a ripple, it turns into a tidal wave.  Meanwhile sitting to the east is the energy powerhouse—like it or not, Russia—that the West has sought to isolate, demonize and destroy due to their actions, which were initiated in response to the surge in prices that helped them feed their coffers and the dependency on the Russian energy. Just what did you think is going to happen when you shut down the US energy machine while allowing Russia to become even more dominant? I keep hearing these people screaming, “Russia, Russia, Russia,” but then they hand them the foundation to do what they are doing.

And like the spoiled child on the playground (or one that is used to getting a trophy for nothing), they turn around and blame everyone else for what they helped cause go wrong.

And they double down. No one stands up to the bully on the playground in the halls of government. They posture and calculate how they will “take back the house” and yet we see the numbers changing, and if its close, the left wins. Its just the way it is today. Almost everything they push has been proven at the very least to be questionable and at the worst, simply wrong with lies and deception to cover it up. Here is world number 1 tennis player Djokovic, in the face of the facts that plainly show the missive he resisted was for good reason, being doubled down on. Like every other major event now, climate, Covid, and look at the Hunter Biden laptop.

A new poll from Techno Metrica Institute of Policy and Politics found that 78% say Donald Trump would have won the 2020 election if voters were told the truth about the Hunter Biden laptop.

The doubling down on deception is sending the world into a tailspin. In fact, one has to wonder how much further it can go. When will the average person wake up? The frontman for all this, Joe Biden is seeing his approval ratings rise as the American publiccomplacent and unquestioningsimply adapts to what they think is a new norm. Only, it is not. Europe is a sign it is going to get worse, perhaps much worse. What he has done with the energy policy and the American public not stopping to question the phony climate war agenda is a 21st century equal of a different kind of incitement that is sending the world into a period of unknown darknessworse than the 20th century with its rise of despots that butchered millions. Perhaps it’s not gulags and mass murders now, but instead the destruction of the will of the individual to excel. There is no reason, no excuse, except for a fanatical desire to destroy the greatest experiment in free will man has ever known, the foundational values that made our country great, the very way of life THAT RESISTED WHAT WAS GOING ON.

Think about the link. In the name of protecting a phony climate war, Europe and the US refuse to go back to policiesthat 3 years ago, before Covidhad the world in much better shape than now. In fact, they are double down. And speaking of Covid, the same thing with the example in tennis or any other sport for that matter, the linkage is an evil tool of confusion caused by deception. Whether by accident or by design, something evil is behind all of this.

As Mark Levin said on Glenn Beck, we are not heading into the abyss, we are in it.


  • Joe Bastardi
  • Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting.
  • He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore.
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August 31, 2022