To Habeck: Nice snagging is not enough

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The Minister of Economic Affairs openly justifies the fact that the chosen path of the gas levy turns out to be a dead end with a lack of competence.

How can that be?

By Kalte Sonne

Nice snagging is not enough. This is how Christian Geinitz judges Robert Habeck in the FAZ.

It is about the gas levy and companies that are now allowed to fill their pockets with the levy, although they do not need the funds. In a way, this is consistent, because the energy transition has never been thought through to the end. Why should it be any different here?

“If you read Habeck’s attempts to explain the levy fiasco, you would also like to counter him in Northern German: “Donnerlüttchen, you sniff pretty hard tobacco!” Habeck openly justifies the fact that the chosen path to support importers turns out to be a dead end with a lack of competence: The basically correct idea has proven to be problematic, “because we did not know, you have to say that honestly – and nobody knew that – how this gas market is intertwined, which companies have any shares in subsidiaries and so on”.

The realization that one did not know how intertwined the gas market is reminiscent of a motorist who explains to the police during the alcohol control that someone must have actually mixed alcohol into his beer. They didn’t know. Perhaps it was not such a good idea for Habeck to fill the state secretary posts with friends and family instead of going by competence. We reported on the occupation in the ministry in December.