Germany: Ideology instead of solutions

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By Kalte Sonne

By Andreas Paschke

Robert Waas, a former member of the Reactor Safety Commission, is firing heavy guns against the Greens in the Berliner Zeitung.

“Due to the conversion of energy consumers to electrical technologies, at least a doubling to tripling of today’s electricity demand is to be expected. How long will it take to find a solution without coal, natural gas, oil and nuclear energy with such a significant increase in electricity demand?

If a switch to renewables were feasible by the middle of next year without major other restrictions, we would not have to discuss the continued operation of nuclear power plants so urgently. But if this will take 15 years or more – as countless experts in the energy industry and technology fear – the idea must be quite different.

Optimists expect a duration until the complete conversion of about 15 years, realists rather with 30 years. Until last year, even prominent optimists of the energy transition (Rainer Baake, former State Secretary under Trittin, Patrick Graichen, State Secretary now under Habeck) wanted to massively build natural gas power plants as a “bridge technology” (additionally around 50,000 megawatts). By 2035, they did not see a sufficient solution for the large-scale storage of energy from wind and sun.”

In the areas mentioned in detail by Waas, he investigates false claims and misunderstandings and does not leave a good hair on the protagonists, who have ideology rather than solution in mind.

Also, exciting here is the statement that gas is regarded as a bridging technology because there is no sufficient solution for the large-scale storage of energy from wind and sun by 2035. Recently we were allowed to listen to Patrick Graichen in the ZDF documentary Blackout when he said that we only had the wrong mindset and Claudia Kemfert let us know that there was still storage and more, everything else would be a myth.