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Germany’s Growing Energy Supply Uncertainty: Electric Heater Sales Up 1000%…In the Summertime!

Is Scholz losing confidence in Habeck’s energy policy? Habeck’s record so far in energy policy is objectively devastating

Germany’s “disastrous” energy policy

Nowadays in Germany, talk is swirling over whether Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD Socialists) still has confidence in Economics Minister Robert Habeck’s capability to run the country’s energy policy, which many are calling a disaster. 

1000% rise in sales of electric heaters – in the summertime!

Germany’s summer is approaching an end and the heating season is just weeks away. The gas supply has been disrupted and its future is very much in question. Germans are deeply worried about how they will keep warm this coming winter.

Already the media are reporting that electric heaters are flying off the store shelves at an unprecedented rate – in the summertime! For example, online daily The Hamburger Abendblatt here reports: “Electric heater online retailers and DIY stores report explosion in demand – increases of up to 1000 percent.”

More and more are apparently afraid of a cold heating in the coming winter.

“Disastrous” energy policy

Politically this is worrying Chancellor Scholz, who is now getting far more involved in energy policy – a responsibility normally handled by the Economics Minister. According to Blackout News here, “Habeck’s record on energy policy so far is, objectively speaking, disastrous” and there are signs that Chancellor Scholz no longer trusts his Green Party Economics Minister, Robert Habeck.

Currently Minister Habeck is leading the drive to shut down coal and nuclear power plants, but is failing to find suitable natural gas replacements.

“His grandly announced gas deal with Qatar has collapsed. The announced expansion of renewable energies is stagnating at a low level,” reports Blackout News.  “Energy prices have virtually exploded and many consumers are afraid they will no longer be able to pay their bills.”

Habeck has since been forced to do a U-turn and bring coal-fired power plants that had already been shut down back online.

Anger risks leading to “right wing” street protests

Habeck’s aim is to have the country’s heating systems be powered by at least 65 percent renewable energy already by 2024. The industry warns that the target ignores reality. Blackout News also warns: “At the latest, when the first people take to the streets in the fall because of energy prices, Scholz will have to act on the issue of the Minister of Economics.”

The German government is already sensing a growing level of anger among its citizens and their readiness to vent it out on the streets. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD Socialists) recently told the Handelsblatt: “Of course, there is a danger that those who already shouted out their contempt against democracy in the Corona era, often traveling side by side with right-wing extremists, will try to abuse the sharply rising prices as a new mobilization theme.”

Faeser warns of radical protests over high energy prices

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August 14, 2022

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