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Boris Building Back Better

“Britain’s energy crisis will push millions into destitution this winter unless the government hands out more cash to help struggling households pay fuel bills, Rishi Sunak, the trailing candidate in the contest to become Britain’s next leader, said.”

More cash needed to save Britons from destitution in energy crisis – PM contender Sunak

“In the UK, through our net zero strategy, we’re pioneering a green industrial revolution, with public investment leveraging billions of pounds of private funding into whole new industries from offshore wind to carbon capture and storage allowing us in the UK to level up our whole country with thousands of new green jobs. And by partnering with developing and emerging economies to invest in climate-smart infrastructure, and meeting our $100 billion climate finance commitment”

PM remarks at COP26 Build Back Better meetings: 2 November 2021 – GOV.UK

via Real Climate Science

August 13, 2022

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