Apple to Carbon Offset Everyone’s iPhone Recharge Energy Bill

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Welcome to our green future – in which you don’t get a say in whether you support wind turbines and solar panels.

All iPhones will be powered by renewable energy by 2030, Apple says

By Trevor Long • Technology Expert 9:12pm Aug 11, 2022

With a focus on the environment front-of-mind for many people, there’s never a shortage of environmental commitments from businesses small and large around the world.

But on Thursday, in Sydney, Apple’s vice president of environment Lisa Jackson marked the company’s 40th year in Australia with a significant green energy announcement.

Apple has made a commitment to purchase clean energy from a new Australian Wind Farm in Queensland, energy equivalent to that which would power 80,000 homes.

It’s all part of Apple’s drive to reach clean energy targets.

And those targets are lofty.

Having already achieved carbon neutrality for their corporate operations (Offices, Travel, Retail Stores) back in April of 2020, Apple now plans to reach a 2030 climate goal of being carbon neutral across the entire business, including supply chain and customer product.

That’s right, in 2030, your iPhone Mac or iPad will be powered by renewable energy.

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The hubris is breathtaking. If people want to offset the carbon cost of recharging their phone, they can make their own decision to do so. But Apple doesn’t want to take the risk consumers might make a choice they disapprove, so they appear to have decided to deprive consumers of the freedom to choose, and loaded the cost of their green lunacy into the upfront purchase price of their product.

It will be interesting to see what impact this has on iPhone sales. While Google / Android are run by people every bit as green as any Apple exec, most of the actual Android handsets are manufactured by third parties, many of whom don’t care about the Western climate religion.

By gratuitously jacking up the price of handsets, Apple have provided the market yet another reason to buy Android – an additional stressor for a market which is already concerned about the cost of Apple handsets.

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August 14, 2022