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Pelosi, Taiwan and climate: why military conflict might be good for the planet

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the South China Morning Post comes along and slaps you in the face.

Economic activity that fuels growth also drives deadly weather events. The Ukraine war has forced Europe to rethink its reliance on Russian energy

A Taiwan Strait conflict that disrupts global trade might make us stop consuming our way to climate disaster


As is common, the article is a window into an alternate reality.

Perhaps it was the catastrophic images of the flooding that prompted Senator Joe Manchin, from neighbouring West Virginia, to reverse his opposition to the most comprehensive climate bill in American history.


Remember, death, destruction, poverty, and starvation are a small price to pay to satisfy the Climate Gods.

Black swans like the Covid-19 pandemic tend to make this happen against just about everyone’s will. Russia’s war against Ukraine may work towards this goal on the margins, given that many in Europe will need to curtail power generation until they figure out how to replace the Russian energy supply. But, with talk of fossil fuels filling the gap in the near term, we could see the opposite.

Which brings us back to Pelosi, who has the world guessing whether she will make Taipei part of her Asia-Pacific itinerary. Such a move carries the risk of a military conflict in the Taiwan Strait, which would have dire economic consequences as supply chains run through China and the rest of Asia.

If a conflict ends up severing trade between Asia and the US, billions of us will suddenly need to make do to an extent far greater than when Covid-19 disrupted supply chains.

All things considered, a Pelosi delegation to Taiwan might be just what the Earth’s natural ecosystems need.


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August 13, 2022