Patrick Moore–Fake Catastrophes

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Dr. Patrick Moore describes himself as a “sensible environmentalist” and is internationally acclaimed for his forthright views on fake catastrophe narratives.

Born in British Columbia and raised on Vancouver Island, he was the third generation of a family thriving on forestry and fishing.

With a PhD in Ecology from the Institute of Resource Ecology at the University of BC, and as a born‐again ecologist, in 1971, he joined the crew of the Greenpeace sailing across the North Pacific to draw attention to the US nuclear bomb testing program. He continued on to join anti‐whaling protests.

In 1977, he became President of the Greenpeace Foundation, and continued campaigning on many issues.

However, he left Greenpeace in 1986 over major differences in policy, as later described in his book “Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout”.

From the 1990s, he campaigned with other organizations on many issues. In 2006, he notably disagreed with the scientific consensus on climate change in a letter to the Royal Society, arguing there was “no scientific proof” that mankind was causing global climate change.

In this presentation Dr. Moore presents extracts from his latest book “Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom”.

He demonstrates the patent fallacies that lie behind the many scare stories that are thrust by activists upon society nowadays, he is being totally convinced that healthy skepticism is at the very heart of scientific enquiry.

He points out that current “climate” policies, especially the impossible ambition to phase out fossil fuels in 30 years, however well‐intentioned, will be particularly negative for the poor in both developed and developing economies.

As a champion of truly sustainable development, he puts forward some ideas on alternative environmental policies for the coming decades.

His views will be of keen interest to all those involved in climate/energy debates across the globe.