Let’s play the correlation game

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Sulfur dioxide emissions have decreased markedly since 1970 and with great benefit to the quality of the air.

What this means is we are throwing less trash up into the air.  Yes S02 is trash.  It leads to more smog for one and dims the sun a bit,  Humans do not exhale 100 x more SO2 than they take in, nor do plants use this to become stronger and put oxygen back in the air,   So if this were fishing, So2 is a Trash fish. Its a weed in the garden of clean air.

We have seen the left slam away at the increase in co2 and temperatures Let’s review.  Co2 has been increasing in the atmosphere. Temperatures have gone up, but not nearly as much as models said they were

That the model that hit what warming there did not incorporate co2 forcing is but a minor detail to the left. Besides as I understand it, it was a Russian model so we don’t want any more collusion. ( Sarc)

in addition, what was what a climate optimum in the geological record

Is now a climate emergency?

Since we know there is a direct correlation between Water Vapor and temperatures, its why meteorologists use saturation mixing rations. Saturation mixing ratios and their accurate global quantification is vital to any study of climate. Here is the table so you can see how small amounts make such a big difference where the coldest and driest.

We know water vapor has a lot to do with it. Again, co2 is increasing. Temperatures have increased, more where its cold and dry. Let’s, for instance, take a look at global temperature anomalies from 1948-1978   It was much colder in the arctic and antarctic at that time. Which means the lion’s share of the warming is in the coldest areas.  So, if it was coldest there then, it means it had to have warmed vs the 1991-2020 averages which we are using here.

Please notice the warming where most people live is hardly strong enough for the average human to detect over that period. How AOC claims migrants from central America can do it, should be studied, since it would mean they have some genetic predisposition to be able to measure temperature.  In the world of AOC, that may indeed be possible.

but wait, there is more

Let’s look at the arctic WINTERS and antarctic summers

The warming is greater. and what have we here? cooling in the antarctic summers,  Now how does co2 do that?  Water vapor would if there is a slight increase it would show up in the coldest driest areas, but have much less effect where it is warmer.  Now let’s flip it to the antarctic winters

We see they have warmed.   (Again, because it was so much colder then then, it means its warmer now)

and the warming is much less in the arctic. In fact, if we look at actual data since 1958

summers with the red line are certainly not warming. All the warming is when it’s most frigid. For instance, look at this year, it has been mainly below averaging for the last 4 months.

Ever hear anything about the ice cap being gone anymore?  No. For good reason. Since the Gore/Kerry, et al hysteria. Northern ice has been increasing, so much so it is above the 10-year mean now and way above hysteria levels.

But let us get back to the trash gas, so2.  ( China, India, and Russia  btw leads the world in so2 spewing). Waiting for the ulitmate climate warrior John Kerry, to quit bullying his own people and stand up to the real polluters)   The reason I showed all this is to at least give you a chance to contemplate the fact that correlation is not the same as causation,  CO2 levels cant cause arctic areas to warm so much in the winter but not in the summer.  We have no co2/temperature correlations in meteorology.  We have a nice theory that has arguable validity as far as attribution, but if things were changing so fast, how come the laws we use in meteorology are not being updated?  Because the basic drivers are not.  Despite the screaming and yelling about co2 heat-trapping and changing the density of the GHG blanket, it has to still be negligible.   So-called “back radiation” has to be boxed in by the larger drivers and the question is where the boxing in occurs because chances are by what we are seeing it is reaching its limit which is the rise we have seen over the last 100 years ( and mostly in the coldest driest areas during their coldest driest seasons)  THAT IS WATER VAPOR LINKED. Its distorted warming and the lack of quantification of the global saturation mixing ratios  renders temperature a thrice removed climate metric, ( wet bulbs better, and the aforementioned saturation mixing ratios the best)

But suppose I wanted to play the same game the CAGW side plays with SO2.  You saw how we have cleaned it up right?. That means there is a brighter sun.  That means the earth can absorb more sunlight.  Where would that affect the most?  Western summers, right? After all, there are still pollutants, real ones, being spewed into the air ( take a ride on the Jersey turnpike sometime). Or look at China

What has happened to summer temps in China since 1948-1978?

the blue was where it was cooler.  But in the heartland, it was warmer.   Increased SO2 may be helping to cool it since they dump it in the air along with India.  The eastern part of China is cooler here, but Pacific SST temps were cooler back then and China’s economic explosion in these areas may play a factor.  So cooler then remember is against the last 30-year means, meaning its warmer now.

Let’s look at US temps the last. 30 years. vs 1951-2000 means

look at the daily maxes

The heating in the west where the air is drier is obvious  ts been raining more further east and that limits summer max temps

but in the west clearer air due to less so2 could contribute to the warming,

Let’s look at nighttime lows

well isn’t that special?   Warming all over the place. But in the west, the drier area, the warming is about the same morning noon, and night.  Shall we blame that on the reduction of SO2?  Further east, what happens when high temps aren’t increasing and low temps are?  Well, the mean goes up, but the range lessens.  It also means that once above the boundary layer, the warming is not strong enough to offset increased WV and so it rains more  The finger is pointed at WV, but the rain means there is resistance taking place. . The fact is, the southwest is still seeing as much rain overall as you can see in the 30-year average.  but population and land usage have skyrocketed.  With So2 lower, days can get hotter via more direct sunlight and though nights may cool as much as they did, they start from a higher point brought on by cleaner air and brighter sun .  But for much of the country, the so-called runaway warming is not that at all, as days are not getting hotter. Or put it this way, not that someone over a 30-year period can tell unless they are acclimated to media hysteria and the fact we have air conditioning

The real feel is such and such emphasizing how miserable you are and how put upon you are and you are the victim of runaway warming. Even if there is no such thing going on.

But should I play the left’s game and start yelling reduced SO2 is causing the west to warm, and we have to stop it?  I can correlate the price of Stamps to temperatures.  (I stole this from Dr Willie Soon)

Shut down the post office, they are causing warming.

This means when you look  below the surface at what you see and hear from a meteo misinformation media, the immortal words of Homer Simpson do come to mind:


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August 10, 2022