CFACT’s Morano talks Great Food Reset on ‘Unfiltered with Dan Bongino’

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CFACT’s Marc Morano raised the alarm about possible food shortages and limited access to meat thanks to the Great Reset agenda of the World Economic Forum during an interview on ‘Unfiltered with Dan Bongino’ on Fox News.

Morano: “We know that Bill Gates’ goal is to get us to stop eating meat and get us to start eating lab-grown, vegetable oil-processed fake meat. The same with Al Gore. The same with the World Economic Forum. They are pushing insect-eating as well. The United Nations, the World Economic Forum…That’s been their goal, the whole entire goal. First of all, you have the World Economic Forum which Bill Gates is a prominent member. You have Bill Gates buying up farmland — the single largest American farmland owner now, according to NBC News. I know no one likes a monopoly so don’t worry Dan. China is also gobbling up American farmland. So it’s a competition. We actually have good old market competition — China versus Bill Gates. Who do you want to win that battle?”

Watch the full segment here.


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August 9, 2022