CBS Trots Out the Weather Witches: Floods, Heat, And Fires, Oh My!

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Image credit: CBS News

CBS Sunday Morning is blaming ‘eventual human extinction’, ‘societal collapse’ on your SUV. The likes of the BBC, Guardian and Sky News UK are heading in the same hysterical direction whenever a brief spell of cloudless summer skies arrives. Whatever the weather now and in the future, attempts to reduce the CO2 content of the air are unlikely to make any detectable difference.
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Most people watch morning television news shows to get the weather, traffic, and other news they need to know to get started with their day.

They don’t want climate-change fearmongering, says Newsbusters (via Climate Change Dispatch).

This is especially true on Sunday mornings when most Americans want to enjoy their last day off before they go back to work on Monday.

Apparently, CBS Sunday Morning anchor Jane Pauley doesn’t care, as she started off her program with news that the “possibility of worldwide societal collapse or even eventual human extinction isn’t out of the question” because of “climate change.”

“Searing heat, massive wildfires, catastrophic flooding. Unequivocal evidence, the United Nations says, that climate change is real and that human activity is its primary cause. So how bad can it get?” Pauley asked.

“According to some scientists, the possibility of worldwide societal collapse or even eventual human extinction isn’t out of the question. It’s a harsh warning, to say the least.”

To most people, Pauley’s fearmongering sounds insane. But sadly as evidenced by the rest of this climate alarmist segment, there are people who believe they’re going to die because of “climate change.”

Correspondent Tracy Smith picked up where Pauley left off, claiming: “Living through the summer of ’22 has made climate change harder to deny. Whether here in bone-dry Nevada or in the Caribbean where rampant seaweed growth is choking beaches or in Kentucky where too much water created a tragedy that’s still unfolding.

“But it seems there are still those who could use convincing that climate change has become a climate emergency,” she shrieked.

Smith interviewed a supposed scientist who was one of the protesters who “chained themselves to a Los Angeles bank in protest over the lack of action” on climate change (pictured above):

PETER KALMUS: We are going to lose everything and we are not joking. We’re not lying. We’re not exaggerating. This is so bad, everyone.

SMITH: So do you feel like you are sitting on all this science and you are trying to share it with the world and no one is listening?

KALMUS: That’s exactly how I feel, yes.

SMITH: Peter Kalmus, a NASA scientist and father of two says that we should be scared to death about the climate right now.

KALMUS: I think that if your house is on fire, you get the adrenaline, you get the panic and that saves your life because you get out of the house and you put the fire out.

SMITH: So, you want people to freak out?

KALMUS: I do want people freaking out. Yeah. I don’t think people are freaking out enough. There’s not enough public urgency over this.

SMITH: For starters he wants people to know what the world is going to feel like in Summers to come.

So if this summer is so ridiculously hot, what is next summer going to look like?

KALMUS: In general, it’s a trend going up. 20 years from now we will look back on the summer of 2022 and we will wish that we had it this good. We will wish it was this cool. And that’s not an exaggeration whatsoever.”

Instead of helping Kalmus get psychological help for his irrational fears that he’s going to die because of “climate change”, Smith just sat there and interviewed him like he was a serious person without a political agenda.

What’s worse is Smith transitioned from the interview by claiming the United Nations agrees with Kalmus that “we are going to lose everything.”

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August 9, 2022