413 German Physicians, Healthcare Workers, Call for Immediate Vaccine Suspension…”” Serious Side Effects…Consequential Damage”

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Germany’s Hauke publishing house has published an open letter from 413 physicians, addressed to Thuringia’s Prime Minister, harshly criticizing the government’s Corona policy and call for the immediate suspension of Covid vaccinations due to “serious side effects and consequential damage”. 

The signatories are all from one single German state, Thuringia, and were brought together by the fear of “the so-called facility-based mandatory vaccination” which they claim “has long been scientifically untenable, and thereby continue to bring suffering to those affected and their patients.”

The 413 physicians blast the government for ignoring the “growing number of studies critical of the measures or studies on side effects of the so-called vaccinations” and how “the so-called vaccinations continue to be touted as the only ‘panacea’ against the SARS-Cov2 virus.”

The group of physicians and health professionals also remind the government that they are “endangering the health of people” and doing so “to an unprecedented degree”. They expressed grave concerns over the safety of the COVID vaccines, stating that their harmful effects have now gone far beyond “suspicion” in terms of risk, and: “Colleagues from our group could tell you here about the growing number of patients with vaccine-related serious side effects and consequential damage.”

The group of 413 are calling for an investigation on the vaccine’s safety and blast the authorities for remaining silent, even that they have been abundantly warned, writing: “This does nothing to build confidence in your government’s policies.”

They add: “The answers of the state government to the many small inquiries of the member of the state parliament Dr. Ute Bergner on the subject of Corona show a shocking picture of ignorance, many data are not available to the state government again and again. ”

The signatories also share the opinion that “parts of science, politics, leading media, pharmaceutical industry have failed.”

Read entire open letter here (German). 

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By P Gosselin on 7. August 2022