Green Britain Fears Crime, Deaths and Riots Over Soaring Bills

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Essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Breitbart; According to More In Common, the British expect “rocketing bills” will trigger misery, hardship, crime, and social unrest. But they blame energy company greed rather than Government Net Zero policies.


Worried Brits expect cost of living crisis to spark crime wave, deaths and riots

Jonathan Reilly
Kate Ferguson
21:01, 31 Jul 2022
Updated: 23:49, 31 Jul 2022

WORRIED Brits expect the brutal cost of living crisis to spark a crime wave, deaths and riots, a shock poll reveals.

Families fear rocketing bills will plunge the country into misery and unrest.

Some 70 per cent of the public expect many to refuse to pay energy bills, 80 per cent expect more shoplifting and 51 per cent think riots will take place.

And three in four expect ­people will die of the cold this winter, unable to afford heating.

More than half of those polled (51 per cent) say energy and oil firms are to blame for the hike in costs — a day after Shell and British Gas reported record profits. 

Nearly nine in ten (88 per cent) are worried the cost of ­living will directly impact their everyday lives.

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Reporting record profits in the midst of energy bill misery is not a good look. But Brits are blaming the wrong people – British government policy is the real culprit behind the spiralling cost of living.

There is plenty the government could do, right now, to alleviate British energy bill misery. For example, WUWT has repeatedly reported on Caudrilla CEO Francis Egan’s dogged effort to bring cheap Lancashire shale gas to the people of Britain, and the British government’s refusal to issue permits and repeated threats to permanently shut him down.

Even small acts of mitigation were too much for the BoJo administration. The British Government has so far refused to cancel Britain’s green levy, which adds an estimated £153 / year to everyone’s electricity bills.

A year ago the British Cabinet actually discussed extending the green levy. According to Bloomberg Chancellor Rishi Sunak pushed to extend the green levy to Gasoline, but was blocked by the British Cabinet. Rishi Sunak is one of two final round candidates in the race to replace outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

I have hopes for Sunak’s opponent, Liz Truss, who has promised to scrap the green levy.

Until the British people wake up and hold the right people accountable for their pain, and demand solutions which address the real problems, there will be no resolution.

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August 3, 2022