Small company from Cornwall to oversee huge £70 billion Net Zero contract

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BFN8YH English money going down the drain

The government-backed buy-a-climate fantasy steamrollers on. No expense spared in the war on one of Earth’s most vital trace gases.
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A company based in Cornwall has been given the job of overseeing a £70 billion contract to help deliver the country’s transition to Net Zero – the target of completely negating the amount of greenhouse gases by reducing emissions, says Cornwall Live.

The Place Group – which is based at The Regent, Chapel Street, Penzance – has won the huge framework contract to „control, manage and deliver“ the public sector transition to Net Zero.

It will oversee the framework for services, products, solutions and support for Everything Net Zero. The small company is a „specialist consulting, project management and research company with 18 years’ experience in the field of education“.

Its website states: „We have a strong track record of developing winning free school applications and have successfully opened over 100 new schools for clients and trusts across the country. Trusts and schools will be developing their environment strategies ready to meet decarbonisation targets and reach net zero carbon across their estates by 2030 and longer term 2050 under the Climate Change Act.

„Place Group provides an end-to-end solution to enable trusts and schools to meet their net zero vision objectives efficiently and effectively through a phased programme approach. This approach, or ‘journey’, is underpinned by our technical and programme management expertise in the educational built environment space, and by our estates supply chain vehicle.“

The company has net assets of £344,417 under the directorship of Claire Delaney and Simon James.

The East of England Broadband Network (E2BN), the contracting authority, is putting in place a framework agreement for use by UK public sector bodies, including schools, colleges and universities, NHS organisations, local authorities, fire and police services, and more.

The Place Group won the four-year contract to facilitate the framework for such areas as reducing all emissions especially carbon, increasing the use of sustainable resources, improving recycling, exploiting greener technologies and innovation, greener use of water, electricity, gas, oils, and other fuels including hydrogen, battery and nuclear, and greener transportation.

It will also access financing, grants and awards to deliver a „comprehensive greener strategy to meet the needs of education, central and local government and other public sector and associated organisations“.

The government contracts page which states the Place Group has won the contract has caused some confusion. The company won’t receive £70bn but will oversee a framework of delivery worth £70bn.

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August 2, 2022, by oldbrew