Tesla Motorists Frustrated to The Limit, Have to Endure Hours-Long Charging Delays in Extreme Heat

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Holiday makers frustrated by long waits to charge their Teslas in Croatia. 

Here’s more on the folly of electric cars. Those who own electric vehicles may feel good about their perceived CO2 reductions, but that good feeling rapidly disappears in real life in many cases when these crappy cars leave them stranded.

Not only is the production of the raw materials to produce the batteries having a major impact on the environment, but so iis the disposal of the batteries.

Moreover, we’ve heard horror stories of the expense required to replace the batteries after a comparatively short life, making replacement uneconomical. It is a truly a folly with vast dimensions. Expect the e-car to end up on the garbage landfills of history – right with the mercury-laden energy saving lamps no one talks about anymore.

Germany’s RTL public broadcaster reports on how “Tesla drivers need nerves of steel on vacation in Croatia.” The Balkan country is a popular summer holiday destination for Germans, and other Europeans of course.

Waiting hours in extreme heat to charge up

According to RTL, dozens of Tesla drivers had to wait “in extreme summer heat in front of a charging station near the A1 highway in Otocac, Croatia, to charge their cars. Many are on their way from the capital Zagreb towards the coast.”

Someone forgot to tell Tesla drivers that Croatia charging infrastructure still has a ways to go. “Croatian media report that the sparse development of charging stations is responsible for the traffic jam.” Supposedly the country has only 8 places where you can charge a Tesla.

“According to Croatian authorities, this corresponds to the demand of currently registered electric cars in the vacation destination. The many tourists who take their electric cars on vacation have obviously not been considered in this calculation.”

E-car motorists probably also were not told that the air conditioner also significantly reduces the range of their eco-friendly car, thus making more hours-long charging stops necessary.

Welcome to the green new deal (stupid)!

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July 29, 2022

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