WaPo takes on Milloy and fails (again)

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Provoked by yours truly on Twitter, Washington Post weather guy Matthew Cappucci tried to explain away 1930s US temperatures which are much hotter than current US temperatures. Unfortunately for Cappucci, he relied on Texas A&M climate bedwetter Andrew Dessler.

Here’s Cappucci’s article (Web | PDF).

So here’s where Cappucci name-checks me.

Now comes Dessler:

That’s right, Dessler writes off an entire decade of temperatures that are far hotter than today’s as “random climate variability.”

They can’t explain there 1930s. They don’t want to explain the decade. They just want to write it off too keep the climate hoax going.

Last January when I annoyed the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang, of which Cappucci is a member, the WaPo tried to have me kicked off Twitter and Facebook. Both rejected the request.

Sorry, my dudes. You lose again.

via JunkScience.com


July 24, 2022