The RETURN Act undermines conservation funding

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“P-R taxes are applied to manufacturers who then bake them into the cost of their goods. In other words, although consumers aren’t technically paying the tax, they are ultimately footing the bill. So even if the tax was eliminated, consumers wouldn’t necessarily see a price reduction at the register, since the cost of firearms and ammunition are dependent on a wide variety of factors (including availability and price of materials).” — Outdoor Life

In Episode 285 of District of Conservation, Gabriella addresses two news items: the problems with The RETURN Act and Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) loosening restrictions on concealed carry permit applications in wake of NYSRPA vs Bruen. 

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Baltimore Sun: Maryland Gov. Hogan calls on state police to suspend ‘good and substantial reason’ standard for carrying a concealed gun

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July 6, 2022