Shameless: Aussie Climate Council Now Claims Floods Caused by CO2

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Essay by Eric Worrall

Tim Flannery, Climate Council Founder, in 2006: “even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems”.



FLOODING has returned to NSW, with thousands of Sydney residents subject to evacuation orders and warnings that in some parts, flood levels may exceed those seen earlier this year.

Experts from the Climate Council say preparedness is the key, as communities continue to experience compounding severe weather events, fuelled by a warmer atmosphere. 

Climate Councillor and leader of the Emergency Leaders for Climate Action (ELCA) group, Greg Mullins, added: 

“La Niña may be officially over, but there is a real sting in the tail for these communities who have already been through a terrible year of extreme flooding.

There is absolutely no doubt extreme weather events are being intensified because of climate change. The science is very clear that we’re seeing wild fluctuations between periods of flood and fire, because of warming. On the East Coast of Australia in the last 18 months we’ve now had four major floods. 

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Back in 2006, when Australia was experiencing a prolonged dry spell, the narrative was a little different.

SALLY SARA: What will it mean for Australian farmers if the predictions of climate change are correct and little is done to stop it? What will that mean for a farmer?

PROFESSOR TIM FLANNERY: We’re already seeing the initial impacts and they include a decline in the winter rainfall zone across southern Australia, which is clearly an impact of climate change, but also a decrease in run-off. Although we’re getting say a 20 per cent decrease in rainfall in some areas of Australia, that’s translating to a 60 per cent decrease in the run-off into the dams and rivers. That’s because the soil is warmer because of global warming and the plants are under more stress and therefore using more moisture. So even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems, and that’s a real worry for the people in the bush. If that trend continues then I think we’re going to have serious problems, particularly for irrigation.

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Climate Change also seems to have the ability to tunnel backwards in time, it has the ability to cause a tight knit series of severe NSW floods before the modern age.

THE HAWKESBURY RIVER FLOODS OF 1801, 1806 AND 1809 Their Effect on the Economy of the Colony of New South Wales

There is only one possible conclusion. Climate Change is witchcraft. Not only is climate witchcraft responsible for all the bad weather people experience, wet or dry, its effects can tunnel through time, causing floods in the early 1800s. It can even cause people to apparently forget what they previously said about the “settled science” in public.

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July 5, 2022