Mayorkas says immigration crisis due to climate change

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By Paul Homewood

How do you know when Mayorkas is lying? When he opens his mouth!

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Sunday that the immigration crisis at the southern border is not unique to the U.S., and that southern countries are also seeing a massive influx of migrants due to the global economic downturn and climate change.

Alejandro Mayorkas is Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary, who has deliberately opened the US southern border to anybody who wants to come.

He calls this “enforcing our laws”.As a consequence, illegal immigration has hit record levels, with 220,000 in May alone.

His latest claim about climate change is without foundation. There is no evidence that people in Central America are starving or worse off because of (non-existent) climate change:

On the contrary, food output has consistently risen in recent years, and hit an all time high in 2020.


JULY 3, 2022