The danger of anecdotal evidence.

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By Kalte Sonne

At the moment you can read a lot of news about great warmth in parts of Europe.

This currently also affects the north of Scandinavia.

Very warm air masses are transported there from the south. Wherever the air does not have to travel long distances over the water, the air heats up accordingly. This can be seen well in the north of Finland, Sweden and Norway with temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius. The air comes from the south and there is no sea disturbing on the way from Eastern Europe via Finland to the Far North. Where cooling seas are in between, as on the west coast of Norway, only temperatures of a maximum of 20 degrees are reached.

But, of course, that’s just one aspect.

If you look at the anomalies all over the world, then there are Canada or even Russia areas with up to 19 degrees Celsius deviation, downwards.

The border area between Russia and Kazakhstan is one such example. Basically, it’s the opposite effect there. Polar air flows far to the south and only warms up to a maximum of 15-20 degrees Celsius on the way to Kazakhstan.

How good that no one there is ushering in a new ice age.

So, it is always worth looking at the bigger picture and also looking at the effects. A change in the wind direction and it looks completely different again. Overall, the anomaly on 29.06.2022 worldwide is + 0.1 degrees Celsius compared to the reference period 1979-2000.

(Figure: Screenshot