Invitation to the Premiere of Our New Film – A Coral Bleaching Tragedy

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The Great Barrier Reef has been around in various forms for more than 600,000 years. It has survived fluctuating temperatures and sea levels as ice-ages have come and gone, and Australia has drifted northwards. But is the latest episode of coral bleaching something new and different?

So asks Graham Young, the Executive Director of The Australian Institute for Progress, in his invitation to the premiere of our new film ‘A Coral Bleaching Tragedy’ that will premiere at the New Farm Cinemas in Brisbane on Sunday July 24 at 2:00 PM. Tickets are $20 general admission and $10 for AIP and IPA members.

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After the movie there will be a session hosted by Graham with Peter Ridd and me on stage to answer questions.

Between now and 24 July I am planning to revisit John Brewer Reef that features in the film. Also, between now and then I will visit at least two other coral reefs with Peter Ridd, including Stanley Reef that has been reported as more than 90 percent bleached by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

This next adventure with Peter is being sponsored by the Institute of Public Affairs as part of a new #ReefRebels program. It is all about getting young people out to see the Great Barrier Reef. It will all be revealed over the coming weeks on the IPA’s Reef Rebels Facebook page and Instagram page.

I remember one of my first adventures with Peter was to Bowen Harbour. That was written up by Graham Lloyd in The Australian newspaper with our work described as ‘a rebel quality assurance survey’.

QA Rebel Peter Ridd is three from the right in this photograph taken at the Grand Hotel in Bowen in August 2019. We had big days out on the reef and then big dinners at that pub.

This is Part 3 of a new series: Rebels to the Coral Reef Cause.

via Jennifer Marohasy

July 3, 2022 By jennifer