Claim: Australia’s Supercomputer Gadi will Solve the Climate Crisis

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Essay by Eric Worrall

Because when your models can’t predict the climate, what you really need is a bigger computer, right?

Supercomputer Gadi crunches climate change

By Marion Rae

Updated June 23 2022 – 6:26pm, first published 6:23pm

New funding will unlock powerful Australian simulators to give the world’s scientists a better chance of tackling climate change.

The inaugural director of the new facility, Andy Hogg, said cutting-edge computer simulations and models will crack open climate change, extreme weather events, and past and future Earth systems.

“This will not only mean more powerful and insightful research, but hopefully better decisions for the pressing challenges and acute stresses our nation and world face,” Professor Hogg said.

But he says computer models are only as good as the people behind them.

“We are creating an open source weather, climate and Earth system modelling powerhouse that anyone across the globe will be able to access,” Prof Hogg said.

Based at the Australian National University, the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator can calculate predicted weather and climate conditions from a few hours to many decades in the future.

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Open-source sounds promising. But perhaps Professor Hogg should have also mentioned, climate modelling systems are also only as good as the data they use. As Anthony Watts and many others have documented, much of the world’s climate data could charitably be described as junk.

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June 24, 2022