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Former Bush Official Urges more US China Climate Change Cooperation


Essay by Eric Worrall

The CCP mouthpiece China Daily has quoted former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson speaking at a Chinese sponsored conference, urging more cooperation with China to defeat Climate Change. But the FBI sees Chinese technology espionage and attempts to influence public opinion as a grave threat to US security.

China-US cooperation crucial in climate change fight | Updated: 2022-06-20 16:41

China and the United States may be facing competition in many fields, but the global fight against climate change offers necessary, crucial opportunities for cooperation between the two sides, analysts and experts said.

There’s no doubt that the countries are strategic competitors and we’re competitors across all the domains … technology, finance, the economy … but despite that, we still have common goals and shared interests. We need to have peace, a world order and a stable climate,” former US treasury secretary Henry Paulson said at an international forum hosted by the Beijing-based Center for China and Globalization think tank on Monday.

The presence of major Chinese property developer China Vanke, led by its founder Wang Shi, in the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland, was also an encouraging example of how involvement by Chinese enterprises could contribute significantly to the global environmental priorities, Paulson said.

To better facilitate cooperation and collaboration between China and the US … we have to set aside conflicts of interests; biodiversity and conservation are equally important as climate change issues,” Wang said. 

“We have to take the initiative in preserving and protecting nature together, to explore ways for common development.”

“We need peace, we need prosperity, we need a global order that works,” Paulson said. “We need to save our planet because climate change is not a threat only to economic security but also global stability. We have a saying in the US that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, I happen to believe that necessity is going to bring us together,” he said.

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Henry Paulson served under President George Bush (Jnr) from 2006 – 2009.

I personally find it shocking that someone like Paulson would urge more cooperation with China, given the FBI has a web page dedicated to “The China Threat”, detailing China’s alleged plan to dominate the world by stealing US technology secrets, and by using covert means to influence US public opinion, which in my opinion likely includes getting their hooks into powerful US influencers.

The China Threat

The counterintelligence and economic espionage efforts emanating from the government of China and the Chinese Communist Party are a grave threat to the economic well-being and democratic values of the United States.

Confronting this threat is the FBI’s top counterintelligence priority.

To be clear, the adversary is not the Chinese people or people of Chinese descent or heritage. The threat comes from the programs and policies pursued by an authoritarian government.

The Chinese government is employing tactics that seek to influence lawmakers and public opinion to achieve policies that are more favorable to China.

At the same time, the Chinese government is seeking to become the world’s greatest superpower through predatory lending and business practices, systematic theft of intellectual property, and brazen cyber intrusions.

China’s efforts target businesses, academic institutions, researchers, lawmakers, and the general public and will require a whole-of-society response. The government and the private sector must commit to working together to better understand and counter the threat.

Made in Beijing: The Plan for Global Market Domination

Through interviews with FBI agents and executives of victim companies, this film aims to help the private sector recognize the urgent need to protect their intellectual property against sustained and ongoing industrial espionage by the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Visit to learn more.

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The greatest long-term threat to our nation’s information and intellectual property, and to our economic vitality, is the counterintelligence and economic espionage threat from China.

FBI Director Christopher Wray


Is former Bush official Henry Paulson so naive about the China threat, that he hasn’t read the FBI page? Or does he think addressing climate change is a greater priority than the risk of more cooperation, which could open opportunities for hostile Chinese espionage to gut US exceptionalism?

Note I am not accusing Paulson of anything nefarious, it is entirely plausible that he is one of those people who thinks climate change is a crisis which trumps all other considerations. Which could be why the Chinese Communist Party invited Paulson to speak at their conference.

Whatever the explanation, in my opinion the very worst thing the USA could do right now is follow the advice of the CCP propaganda division, and offer China more cooperation, more access to US technology and greater opportunities to influence the US public.

You don’t have to take my word for it, read the FBI China threat page and watch the video.

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June 21, 2022

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