What Is Michael Mann’s Real Agenda?

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By Paul Homewood

Michael Mann is either extremely naive or ………………………!

He is quite right of course in saying that the 1.5C target requires emission to be cut by half by 2030. But according to him, the problem will go away if the US “incentivises renewable energy” and “starts to defund infrastructure for fossil fuels”.

Neither of these actions will make much of a dent in US emissions, never mind the world’s.

Biden’s target is to cut US emissions by 43% to 50% from 2005 levels by 2030, but the planned policies already committed to will  barely reduce them at all. But even if the target was achieved, it would only reduce emissions by about 2 GtCO2e:


Worldwide emissions have to fall by between 23 and 27 GtCO2e by 2030 – in other words more than 10 times the US contribution:


Michael Mann must know full well that the US cannot halve emissions in eight years without colossal economic pain. To pretend that building a few more wind and solar farms will make a difference is naive and misleading, given that they currently supply less than a tenth of US energy.

He must also know, however, that the rest of the world most certainly is not going to follow suit, making any US sacrifice worthless.

So why is he peddling this propaganda on MSNBC?


JUNE 20, 2022

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