Things NASA climate scientists say:

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Peter Kalmus is a Data Scientist working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion laboratory.

Peter came to JPL Earth Science from astrophysics, where he spent eight years designing and implementing searches for gravitational waves from supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, and magnetars as a member of the LIGO collaboration. He now uses remote sensing data to study biodiversity, stratocumulus clouds (which cool the Earth), and severe convective environments as a member of JPL’s Science Data Modeling and Computing Group. He is also interested in improving how we use and interpret scientific data, and applying improvements to ecological projections and data fusion technologies.

Twitter user Zander “32-bar guitar riffs” Noriega put up a compilation of his some of Peter’s tweets over the last couple of years and gave me permission to publish it. Here it is. Click on images to expand.

Originally tweeted by Zander “32-bar guitar riffs” Noriega (@ZanderNoriega) on June 16, 2022.

things NASA climate scientists say:

“Capitalism is a form of violence”

“Capitalism is no way to live”

“We can’t count on technology and capitalism to solve climate when they are what got us here”

Things NASA climate scientists say:

“The only thing that can save us is…to shift to degrowth”

“What would I replace capitalism with? I would replace it with degrowth”

“Mammals were not designed by evolution to be as busy as I am… revealing of the deep cracks in capitalism”

Things NASA climate scientists say:

“No one *needs* to fly.”

“Big oil is only part of the problem. Another part: our own desire for convenience… mistaking wants for needs.”

“I’d prefer a world without private cars”

Things NASA climate scientists say:

“embracing a low-energy lifestyle is necessary but not sufficient… too few will voluntarily adopt it.”

“My go-to phrase is ‘climate emergency.’ My go-to phrase is ‘climate emergency.’ .”

Things NASA climate scientists say:

“Empower women to depopulate.”

“No more hoarding of wealth.”

“how we eat and overpopulation are far more deeply intertwined than you seem to presume.”

“(RE: ‘we need a limit on our reproduction’) Yes – #HalfEarth!”

Things NASA climate scientists say

“there is a huge difference between sectarian religion and a universal sense of divine gratitude” (1)

“Science isn’t perfect but it’s far better than the alternatives – superstition, religion” (1)

(1) his Mother Earth thing is not a religion?

Originally tweeted by Zander “32-bar guitar riffs” Noriega (@ZanderNoriega) on June 16, 2022.

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June 17, 2022

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