Mid-June Arctic Ice Returns to Mean

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The Arctic ice melting season was delayed this year as shown by the end of May (day 151) surplus of 600k km2 over the 16-yr average.  Since then both MASIE and SII show a steep decline in Arctic ice extents, now matching the average for June 15 (day 166).  The reports show that Barents alone lost 320k km2, Laptev down 200k km2, Baffin Bay lost 165k km2, Chukchi, Kara, Greenland seas all lost around 100k km2 each.

For the month of June Hudson Bay will take the stage.  Above average early in June. Hudson Bay lost 100k km2 the last six days. Being a shallow basin, it will likely lose much of its 1M km2 in a few weeks.

Why is this important?  All the claims of global climate emergency depend on dangerously higher temperatures, lower sea ice, and rising sea levels.  The lack of additional warming is documented in a post Adios, Global Warming

The lack of acceleration in sea levels along coastlines has been discussed also.  See USCS Warnings of Coastal Floodings

Also, a longer term perspective is informative:

The table below shows the distribution of Sea Ice across the Arctic Regions, on average, this year and 2020.

Region2022166Day 166 Average2022-Ave.20201662022-2020
 (0) Northern_Hemisphere1078860910854645 -66036 10425585363024 
 (1) Beaufort_Sea1054571964886 89685 100535549216 
 (2) Chukchi_Sea799723796983 2740 77553524188 
 (3) East_Siberian_Sea10597771050162 9615 101322346554 
 (4) Laptev_Sea686049773271 -87221 782244-96194 
 (5) Kara_Sea712542715202 -2659 513253199289 
 (6) Barents_Sea79046206557 -127511 164943-85896 
 (7) Greenland_Sea539319566915 -27596 578130-38812 
 (8) Baffin_Bay_Gulf_of_St._Lawrence799919706060 93859 592090207829 
 (9) Canadian_Archipelago838798795875 42923 79258246215 
 (10) Hudson_Bay957895986396 -28501 93799319902 
 (11) Central_Arctic32166683220647 -3979 3231087-14419 

The main deficits are in Laptev and Barents Seas, mostly offset by surpluses in Beaufort, Baffin and Canadian Archipelago.

via Science Matters

June 16, 2022

Mid June Arctic Ice Returns to Mean | Science Matters (rclutz.com)