Munich Professor: Role Of Methane From Cows On Climate Exaggerated By A Factor Of 3 To 4!

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The impact of ruminants on climate has been overestimated by a factor of 3 to 4, according to Prof. Dr. Dr. habil Wilhelm Windisch of the Technical University of Munich. 

Methane from cows doesn’t effect climate anywhere near as much as alarmists claim, Munich professor says. Photo: Copyright P. Gosselin

Going without beef burgers is not going to impact the climate anywhere near as much as some like to claim. This is even confirmed by the IPCC (see below).

Hat-tip: Klimaschau

Climate alarmists and closet vegetarians like to claim that methane produced by cows plays a huge role in climate change, and so people need to eat much less beef and other meats from ruminants. Bill Gates even wants people to turn to fake, “synthetic meats”. But it’s all mostly hype and hysteria.

Near 5%, not 20%

According to Prof. Windisch, as reported by the Bavarian Agricultural Weekly News of November 25, 2021, “The role of ruminants with regards to climate protection has up to now been overestimated by at least a factor of 3 to 4. An enormous climate contribution to climate warming has been falsely attributed to ruminants: 15 to 20%.”

That means in reality the so-called contribution is closer to just 5%.

Moreover, according to the Klimaschau, the number of ruminants in Germany has not risen, data show.  In 1873, Germany had a total of 16 million ruminants. But in 2010, that number was down to 13 million.

Also, whatever methane that cows do emit ends up getting broken down in a matter of just a few years, the Klimaschau reports. Thus the system remains in equilibrium and so there’s little impact on climate.

Confirmed by the IPCC 6th Report

According to gvf Agrar: “It often goes unmentioned that the climate gases from agriculture come from balanced biogenic cycles and not from fossil fuels that transport additional CO2 into the atmosphere. This was also stated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in the first volume of the sixth IPCC Assessment Report.”

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By P Gosselin on 15. June 2022

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