Boris Johnson warned he won’t survive continued ban of UK shale gas 

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Plans to keep 1,2 or maybe 3 coal-fired power stations on standby over winter look somewhat threadbare for a population of around 70 million, as the gas crisis rages on. Meanwhile politicians cling to their climate saver fantasies.
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London, 15 June – Net Zero Watch is calling on Boris Johnson to stop dithering on UK shale gas, in the face of a sharp intensification of Britain’s energy crisis.

In recent days, UK natural gas prices have risen 25% in response to a fire at a major US LNG facility, which will severely reduce the supply for many months to come.

In addition, political turmoil has caused Libyan production to almost grind to a halt while Russia has announced to curtail gas exports to Europe.

But despite the risk of a looming energy cost and supply disaster later this year, Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has rejected a petition calling on the Government to start exploiting UK onshore gas resources.

Net Zero Watch director, Dr Benny Peiser, says this shows the Government remains the prisoner of green fanatics.

The dithering response from BEIS is divorced from a harsh reality. We should be using every means at our disposal to alleviate the energy crisis, not just the ones that are acceptable in the green clique that surrounds Kwasi Kwarteng and Boris Johnson.

Make no mistake, if people find themselves unable to heat their homes and pay their bills next winter, Boris Johnson and his green ideologues won’t survive the political fallout.”

Net Zero Watch press release here.

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 June 15, 2022, by oldbrew

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