“Unspiked”: The Search for Term Describing COVID-Unvaccinated Persons…” Pure Blood” Deemed Too Offensive

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The unvaccinated are now envied, having steadfastly held their ground. The search for a terms to describe these proud individuals include “pure bloods” or “true bloods”.

For those of you who chose not to be vaccinated with the new mRNA Corona vaccines, like myself, you’re likely proud you withstood the massive pressure to do so.

Today we feel vindicated as it emerges that the vaccines were greatly overrated at best. There’s little evidence that these vaccines even make the disease milder. Vaccinated and boostered persons ended up getting COVID anyway, thus contradicting claims made like those in the following propaganda video:

There are also the poorly understood long-term side effects that the media and proponents are attempting to keep a lid on. Are there serious long-lasting effects? For the unvaccinated, it’s a question we won’t need to worry about because our blood has not been tainted.

Some among the unvaccinated are so proud of their status, in fact, that they are now labeling themselves with such terms like “true blood” or “pure blood”. There are reports that some are wearing red masks to show their unvaccinated status, though I haven’t been able to confirm this.

Not surprisingly, in a desperate reach, mRNA vaccine proponents are accusing those calling themselves “pure blood” of flirting with racism and Nazism. Ironically, those who earlier were hell-bent on identifying, singling out, branding and persecuting the unvaccinated, are now complaining that we’re boasting about our hard-fought-for status. Ironically it is many vaccinated people are now quiet – if not embarrassed – about their status.


Okay, a term that’s better than “pure blood” is probably not a bad idea we want to avoid anything that’ll offend the über-sensitive woke crowd. I suggest calling ourselves “unspiked”, a term I’ve just added in my Face Book profile. It’s the term I started using when asked about my vaccination status. Unlike the fully vaccinated, us unspiked are not running around with our bloodstream filled with spike protein and we didn’t allow ourselves to be spiked with an experimental medicine that today we know is not as safe as claimed earlier.

If there are other terms used to describe the unvaccinated, or symbols that can be worn to convey that message, leave them in the comments below. In the meantime, I’m quite proud to call myself “unspiked” or “untainted”.

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June 7, 2022