Where have all the cyclones gone? Global Hurricanes quietest in last 30 years

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Children won’t know what a cyclone is

Hurricane activity, after human emissions and CO2 levels reach highest ever recorded, is now close to lowest ever recorded.

Based on a trend starting in 2019 major hurricanes may disappear entirely by 2035. What if Net Zero means “no cyclones”?

h/t ClimateDepot and NotalotofPeopleKnowthat

Spot the effect of Chinese coal plants on global hurricane frequency.

If the situation were flipped, try to imagine that the media would not write headlines like “Hurricanes near highest level ever recorded” and “Signs of Climate change seen in near record hurricane season”, or “Worst Cyclone season for thirty years!

Here’s The Guardian a year ago. But it could have been Forbes, The New York Times, the Washington Post. All of them…

It’s just one more Redpill moment to share with friends.


2022 Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE)

Accumulated cyclone energy: Wikipedia

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June 2, 2022