Biden Says 9mm Handguns Are High Caliber

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Joe Biden is sending 127mm self-propelled ammunition to unknown people in the Ukraine – much of which is falling into Russian hands. Biden also says law-abiding Americans shouldn’t be allowed to own 9mm ammunition.

‘No Rational Basis’: Biden Suggests Restrictions on 9mm Handguns

What weapons has the US given Ukraine – and how much do they help? – BBC News

“In her interview with Germany’s Welt am Sonntag newspaper printed on Saturday, De Bolle stated that one of many issues which have been of concern to her group was the “whereabouts of the weapons that are currently being delivered to Ukraine.” She defined that when the battle ends, Europol desires to “prevent a situation akin to that of 30 years ago in the Balkan war.”

“The weapons from that war are still being used by criminal groups today,” she stated.”

Europol Involved Over Destiny Of Western Arms In Ukraine

The Holocaust began the day after the German Socialists disarmed the Jews.  It is difficult to load armed people into boxcars.

TimesMachine: November 9, 1938 –

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May 30, 2022