Claim: President Biden “Aiming to Destroy a … Climate Lawsuit”

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Essay by Eric Worrall

A lawsuit to make climate action a constitutional right; A team of young plaintiffs including James Hansen’s granddaughter is shocked that Biden is opposing their effort to make climate action a binding requirement on the US government.

Biden Is Aiming to Destroy a Historic Climate Change Lawsuit


Juliana v. United States is a historic climate change lawsuit seeking to establish a constitutional right to a livable planet. But the Biden administration has indicated it will fight tooth and nail to prevent the lawsuit from ever getting a trial.

Any day now, a federal circuit court is expected to deliver a ruling that would allow a historic climate change lawsuit to proceed to trial.

If and when the case moves forward, however, it faces a major obstacle: President Joe Biden’s Justice Department.

The lawsuit, Juliana v. United States, was brought by twenty-one young plaintiffs in 2015 and seeks to establish a federal, constitutional right to a livable planet. If the case is successful, any federal policies that enable more fossil fuel development could be challenged as unconstitutional.

But the Obama and Trump administrations both vehemently fought the lawsuit, and now those close to the case say that Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has indicated it will also use every procedural tool at its disposal to prevent the lawsuit from ever getting a trial.

“I have asked [them] very directly, if we win this motion, and we can move forward with the case, do you intend to go to trial?” Julia Olson, the lead plaintiff’s lawyer, told us. “Their response has always been something along the lines of, ‘It is our position that the court doesn’t have jurisdiction and that this case should never go to trial.’”

“There was zero shift when Biden took office, zero shift from the Trump administration,” said Olson.

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We can only speculate why Biden’s administration doesn’t want the plaintiffs to win.

My guess is someone in the Biden administration knows the climate crisis is nonsense. The Biden administration might talk about climate action, but in my opinion Biden’s opposition to this lawsuit is evidence he has no genuine intention to reduce emissions.

Even Biden’s opposition to domestic oil production has done nothing to actually reduce emissions, all it has done is to make life more expensive for ordinary Americans. Foreign energy tycoons get rich under Biden’s America last energy policies, but the overall emissions stay the same.

Correction (EW): James Hansen, not James Hanson 

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May 26, 2022