The Southwest Atlantic to West Antarctic Peninsula Region Has Been Cooling Since The 1990s

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Scientists continue to document a sea surface cooling in the vast waters above Antarctica.

As recently as a few thousand years ago the Sub-Antarctic (South Georgia) region was 5 to 10°C warmer than it is today (Xia et al., 2020).

Image Source: Xia et al., 2020

About 1,000 years ago (the Medieval Warm Period) Antarctica was still “substantially warmer than present” and the Southern Ocean waters were sufficiently ice-free that elephant seals could breed in the Ross Sea, or near the coast of south-central Antarctica’s Victoria Land.

Today this region is so much colder and the sea ice so thick that elephant seals must travel 2,400 kilometers north of where they used to breed 1,000 years ago just to find sea ice-free waters (Koch et al., 2019Hall et al., 2006).

Image Source: Koch et al., 2019

Image Source: Hall et al., 2006

Image Source: Atkinson et al., 2022

Image Source: Toolsee and Lamont, 2022

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By Kenneth Richard on 19. May 2022