Is Climate Change Affecting Marine Pilots Brains?

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By Paul Homewood

h/t Edward Pentney

What is it about climate change that turns otherwise intelligent people’s brains to mush?

What planet is this guy on?

During his 25 years, sea levels have risen by about 2 inches, an imperceptible amount, given that tides can rise and fall by several feet. Yet he claims he has observed it?

There is no evidence to back up his assertion of stronger winds, indeed the opposite is true, as the UK is less stormy now than it was in the 1990s:

Fog, snow, easterly winds? He is clearly just making up this drivel as he goes along.

He makes this observation:

Has it not occurred to him developers are doing this because they know that seas are not rising significantly?

Edward Pentney, who tipped me off, is a ship’s pilot on the Manchester Ship Canal. As he comments:

“I’m pretty sure the sea level (Mersey Estuary) where the Manchester Ship Canal meets the sea at Eastham has not changed since the canal opened in 1894 as the original lock structures are exactly the same as built!”

I suspect he is right!

Eastham Lock, Manchester Ship Canal


MAY 18, 2022