COP26: No Countries Have Delivered on Promise to Improve Climate Plans

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By Paul Homewood

I am amazed anybody seriously thought they would!

As I commented after COP26, why would any country suddenly come up with a new emissions cutting plan, if it refused to before Glasgow?

And as usual, the author of this piece clearly has not read the COP26 agreement, because it contains no such “promise”. Below is the relevant section:

COP26 Ends In Humiliating Failure

Yes, that’s it!

“Urges” and “requests”. There is no obligation whatsoever, even non-binding. It is just the sort of “non-agreement”, that allowed everybody to “agree”. In other words, a piece of paper was waved around, enabling everybody to claim, Neville Chamberlain style, that they had saved the planet.

The New Scientist seems to believe that the rest of the world gives two hoots about global warming.

Meanwhile the Climate Action Tracker continues to show that, at best, emissions in 2030 will still be around current levels. They would need to be cut in half by then to be in line with the Paris targets:

via Watts Up With That?

May 18, 2022