New Statesman Condones BBC Fake News

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By Paul Homewood

The New Statesman objects that attention has been drawn to Justin Rowlatt’s misreporting!

According to them:

A first complaint was upheld about Rowlatt’s coverage last June, when he described the UK offshore wind industry as “now virtually subsidy free”. The ECU admitted that he did not make it clear that he was referring only to recently approved projects, and the story was subsequently cheerfully reported in the Mail.

The complaint, though, was not made by an over zealous member of the public, nor a well-informed energy expert but by Paul Homewood. Homewood is a retired accountant and climate blogger; he disputes mainstream climate change science in his posts and writes regularly for the UK’s most prominent climate science denial group, Nigel Lawson’s Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Homewood is also partially behind the most recent complaint about Rowlatt. “I complained to the BBC about the Madagascar claim, while another complained about the first one,” says Homewood in a recent blog. “Both complaints were escalated to the executive complaints unit, after we were fobbed off at the first stage. I am pleased to say that both complaints have been upheld.” He also takes credit for “tipping off” the Mail with the story.

The New Statesman appear to believe that a journalist can make up whatever fake news he likes, as long as he is on message. And woe betide anybody who dares to complain, such as me or our own Joe Public, who filed the other complaint against the Panorama programme.

Unlike the New Statesman, the GWPF believes in hard facts, not the climate myths still being perpetrated by the former. For instance, this paragraph which appears in this very article:

But there is a delicious irony. We have long moaned about the fact that BBC fake news is seen by millions, but hardly anybody gets to see the “corrections”. By making a song and dance this time, the New Statesman have actually succeeded in bringing this story to the wider public.

I can only ask that they do the same, when my new report on BBC Climate Bias is published! (Watch this space).


MAY 13, 2022