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Ballistic battery time again. Insurers and fire fighters must be nervous as mass battery-powered travel is supposed to be the future in many countries.
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There have been near daily reports of electric scooters catching fire across India amid record-breaking temperatures, says The Telegraph.

At least four Indians have died since March after their electric scooters caught fire, with record-breaking temperatures caused by climate change now feared to be behind the deadly blazes.

A father and daughter died in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in March, while two men died in two separate incidents in April in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

In each of the three incidents it was reported that the scooters’ cell batteries had set alight while the vehicles were charging at the victims’ homes.

There have also been near daily reports of electric scooters catching fire while being used on India’s roads over the last two months.

Footage shared widely on social media showed an electric scooter bursting into flames in the city of Pune in late March, shortly after the rider had parked the vehicle.

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India reported its hottest March in 122 years, since records began, while April also broke records for the northwest and central parts of the country CREDIT: India Times / Economic Times

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May 9, 2022