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By Kalte Sonne (Thomas Weidemann)

Robert Habeck can actually feel a little sorry for you. In times of opposition, deutsche Umwelthilfe DUH was probably a good friend of the Greens. Now this friendship threatens to tip over. As soon as the Ministry of Economic Affairs, led by Habeck, announced that it would begin construction of an LNG terminal in Wilhelmshaven, the DUH objected to it. This is reported by n-tv. Lower Saxony’s Olaf Lies – SPD – also commented, according to n-tv.

Lower Saxony’s Energy Minister Olaf Lies, however, described the contradiction of the environmental aid as “remarkably inappropriate”. “A lot of people are working day and night under high pressure to ensure that Germany can get out of the Russian clutches as quickly as possible on the subject of gas,” said the SPD politician. “The interim solution with floating LNG terminals is an elementary pillar for this.”

The first works for the terminal in Wilhelmshaven are to begin this week, as Lower Saxony’s Ministry of Energy had announced. On Thursday, Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck is expected in Hooksiel near Wilhelmshaven to sign a letter of intent to expand the site “into a hub for clean energy for Germany”. LNG imports are to begin by the beginning of 2023 at the latest.

Constantin Zerger from the DUH probably imagined it differently when he proudly announced the DUH’s undertaking on Twitter. For the most part, he received a shake of the head, harsh criticism and little applause.

Tomorrow, the work on the #LNG terminal #Wilhelmshaven is to begin: without public participation without environmental assessment without disclosure of documents Today we have lodged an OBJECTION against this! https:// duh.de/presse/pressem itteilungen/pressemitteilung/baustart-lng-terminal-wilhelmshaven-deutsche-umwelthilfe-legt-widerspruch-gegen-vorzeitigen-beginn/…


Very interesting are the concerns of the DUH with regard to the endangerment of porpoises by the construction work on the LNG terminal. Apparently, one does not want to expect the animals to make the noise of the piling work. On the one hand, this is commendable, but in the case of piling work for offshore wind turbines, on the other hand, little has been heard of by the DUH so far. What now? Are piling operations only dangerous for porpoises if the project does not correspond to one’s own narrative? After all, the DUH has sought Robert Habeck, the largest porpoise fan in the current federal government, as an opponent, one believes the mirror (Spiegel).

“The environmental aid had justified the required construction stop, among other things, with the fact that porpoises had to be protected, but would be endangered by the construction. Against this background, Habeck referred to his North German origins. Already in Schleswig-Holstein, he had made great efforts together with the fishery to protect the whales. »I love porpoises, I come from the coast«, says Habeck: »I am the biggest porpoise fan in the Federal Government«

For all those who do not come from the coast: porpoises are rare and shy animals, even passionate sailors, who are often on the water, rarely see the animals. Discovering some from the coast should be as rare as a big win in the lottery. It is estimated that between 200-600 animals live in the Baltic Sea (where Habeck’s home is Flensburg).