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By Paul Homewood

Just returning to the article again:


It makes this claim:

This is all very strange, because the Telegraph itself reported on that very study in February, and told us that heat pumps would cost £200 a year or more to run than a gas boiler:

These costs are all based on the new energy price cap, put in place in April 2022.

There may be differences according to how well the house is insulated. A fully insulated home may well work out slightly cheaper to run, but today’s Telegraph specifically refers to “typically”. I would argue that the vast majority of houses do not have such insulation.

The Telegraph’s costings in the February piece are similar to mine for an average home:

The new OFGEM energy cap is:

Electricity – 28.34p/KWh

Gas – 7.37p/KWh

My calculations assume that an average house needs 12,000 KWh for heat; with 90% efficiency a gas boiler would therefore need 13333 KWh, costing £982 pa.

A heat pump working at an average efficiency of 2.8 would use 4285 KWh, costing £1214pa.


MAY 4, 2022