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By Kalte Sonne

The long-term contracts between German companies and Russian gas suppliers are not without their pitfalls. As the ZDF magazine Frontal now reports, Germany will have to pay for it even if gas is not accepted. The clause is called Take or Pay.

In German, one would say: eat or die.

(Figure: Screenshot ZDF-Mediathek)

In addition to the already higher costs for liquefied natural gas, there would also be the invoices to be paid to Russian suppliers for gas that has not been accepted.

Why were such contracts concluded?

The reason was preferential prices for the gas.

Large gas consumers such as BASF have benefited from this, among others. If you are honest, the German economy has benefited from this, because BASF produces a lot of raw materials without which many other products would not be possible.

This aspect is often forgotten in the indignation about the dependence on Russian gas.

But it is part of the truth. Frontal shows a kind of chronology of events and how the current situation came about.

The programme can be seen in the ZDF media library until 26.04.2024.

Greed for Russian gas


If Germany stops Russian natural gas imports in order to stop financing Putin’s war, it could “destroy our prosperity.” This is what Martin Brudermüller, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the powerful German chemical company BASF, predicts.