Jack Continues His Scamming

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“I believe with all my heart” that Twitter needs to clean house and get a fresh start.

I was banned by Twitter one week after their anti-free speech CEO took over.

“Some critics fear Twitter’s new CEO has a worse record on free speech than his predecessor —given his “terrifying” public statements on the issue, an “appalling” new rule implemented on his first day on the job, and a major executive restructuring Friday.

The concern is that Parag Agrawal’s leadership will bring even more restrictions to the site than Jack Dorsey’s — who infamously censored The Post over its Hunter Biden email exposés, banned President Trump and suspended former Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan for tweeting favorably about the border wall “

New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal raises free-speech concerns

via Real Climate Science


April 26, 2022