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News Brief by Kip Hansen – 26 April 2022

Only the New York Times could use the word “amassed” for a crowd generously described as “several hundred” climate protesters who gathered in Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C. for an Earth Day protest.  The story written by Coral Davenport, “Protesters Amass at White House, Demanding Action on Climate”  had to be illustrated with ground-level photos of the few demonstrators that showed up or risk exposing the tiny size of the crowds.   

As nothing even vaguely significant happened the Washington protest, there is nothing to report about it.  Thus, this is a very short report.

The event was so uneventful (pun intended) that it had to be augmented by random quips about the few other “rallies held across the country”, all of which showed even smaller crowds.  

Back in the day, and I mean the late 1960s, even a small university town could raise a crowd of a couple thousand to protest even the silliest of issues, such as the lunch menu in the Student Commons.

Maybe there is hope.  Maybe climate pragmatists and climate realists are having an impact, chilling down the overheated ardor of climate activism in the United States. 

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Author’s Comment:

As covered elsewhere here, the Washington, D.C. Earth Day protests were marred by the sad suicide of a climate activist from Boulder, Colorado, who self-immolated in front of the Supreme Court building, an act that illustrates just how harmful and dangerous the media’s intentional campaign of spreading climate alarm and despair can be.  

Care should be taken by parents and grandparents to ensure that their children and grandchildren are properly informed about the climate issue and not driven to despair, depression and hopelessness by the media and their teachers in their schools, most of who are ignorantly parroting the false climate alarm propaganda threatening them with a hopeless dystopian future.

I  can recommend the latest Heartland produced booklet:  “Climate at a Glance for Teachers and Students” by Anthony Watts and James Taylor (edited by H. Sterling Burnett).

Please, fill your children with the truth about our beautiful world and the wonderful future they have in store for them.

Thanks for reading.

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via Watts Up With That?

April 26, 2022