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By Paul Homewood

h/t Dennis Ambler

They’re getting desperate!

The Conservatives will lose 1.3 million votes if they water down the commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions, Boris Johnson is being warned.

A poll carried out by Onward, a think tank close to the party, has found much stronger support for sticking to the 2050 policy than abandoning it,


Polls such as these are totally meaningless. Most people always say they want things like Net Zero, more nurses, more police, etc etc. However, when push comes to shove, nobody wants to pay the bill.

Just look at the hysteria whipped over the new rise in NI contributions. Yet the same people will say they want more spending on the NHS and an end to selling your homes to fund old age care.

Maybe Onward should put it to the test, and ask people whether they are prepared to pay £2000 a year each to fund Net Zero.

Better still, perhaps the government should remove all green levies from energy bills and send an invoice to every home in the country for £500, labelled “Bill for Climate Policies – 2022”.


APRIL 25, 2022