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By Kalte Sonne

The activist Aimee van Baalen of the activists “The Last Generation” reports dramatically via Twitter from a prisoner transporter. Yes, that’s right. Whether the video was actually recorded from such a van cannot be verified. Handcuffs apparently did not wear. The video may have been recorded by a third party. According to her own information, she was the last 5 (five!) Days in custody, whatever that means. She explicitly does not say that she was detained by the police.

Even without being able to assess the facts of the case now legally flawlessly, but a 5-day detention would be, in the case of the crime alleged to her, very unusual and anything but proportionate. The situation therefore seems more staged. An act of desperation with the component that one would like to catch pity.

Several things are tragic when you watch the video. First of all, there is the activist’s incomprehension that we live in a constitutional state. This defines crimes and also what penalties threaten if you commit them and are caught. The endangerment of road traffic is one of them. This is followed by the incomprehension that civil disobedience as a means does not justify the end. A criminal offence remains a criminal offence, even if it was aimed at one’s own subjectively good goal. Otherwise, a robbery murder would be justified, as long as the money is then given to those in need. But that’s not how law works.

There was recently a video of Aimee van Baalen that shows the young woman glued to the street, she confirms it here as well. The culmination of the drama is the desperate call to the population to finally join in. Paired with the classic, we would still have 2-3 years and speak with a voice close to tears. It is quite possible that the members of the RAF once thought so and did not understand why no one followed them in their fight.

(Figure: Screenshot Twitter)

Further crimes of the activists are apparently in planning, it has already been announced that they want to turn off pipelines. Whether this is so easily possible is another matter. There could be similar video from “captivity” if these plans fail, and the activists are caught trying to do so.

“As long as the federal government continues with this fossil madness, we risk climate collapse and collapse of our society,”


A woman with medium length red hair, wearing an orange prison uniform and white shoes, frowns as she begs for help behind a steel prison bar, both hands holding on to the iron barrier gate