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By Paul Homewood

Justin Rowlatt has crossed the line now:

The BBC has been accused of using the licence fee to ‚protect environmental extremists‘ after its climate editor tried to offer anonymity to a gang deflating tyres.

The Corporation found itself in hot water when Justin Rowlatt asked members of Tyre Extinguishers to star in a clip in which he would hide their identities.

The ‚trusted‘ journalist allegedly told the eco-thugs he would blur their faces and disguise their voices in the video for the Beeb.

The move was branded ‚outrageous‘ and raised ‚ethical questions‘ over supporting ‚unlawful radical activism that disrupts people’s lives during this cost of living crisis‘.

The gang has sparked outrage by deflating tyres on SUVs across the country as they tried to disguise their vandalism as protests.

As of last week Tyre Extinguishers bragged it had deflated the wheels of nearly 2,000 cars in just a month despite public fury.

Meanwhile questions were raised over 55-year-old Rowlatt’s suitability as climate editor after it emerged his sister was an active member of Insulate Britain and XR.

Cordelia was among the radicals blocking major roads last year, causing chaos for commuters across England.


What they are doing is certainly not “newsworthy”, their actions have been known about for weeks now.

Instead Rowlatt actually appears to be condoning their actions by giving them publicity.

What is absolutely clear is that any responsible journalist should be condemning this vandalism, which could well be treated as criminal damage, not conspiring with them. The eco-thugs may think it is fun, but their actions could well cause accidents. I dread to think of one of their victims finding his tyre is flat on a smart motorway.

Rowlatt’s reporting in the last couple of years have already proved that he is not an objective journalism where climate change is concerned, something which calls into question his suitability as the BBC’s Climate Editor. This latest incident is the final straw.

The BBC must sack him if they are to retain any credibility.


APRIL 21, 2022