UK: “More Nuclear, More Oil, More Gas”

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News Brief by Kip Hansen – 8 April 2022

“Britain bets on nuclear power in its plan to boost energy independence.  The government said it aimed to fulfill a quarter of the estimated electricity demand in Britain with nuclear power by 2050.” [source NY Times ]

In a sudden burst of rationality:

“The British government revealed on Thursday its plan to increase the country’s energy independence as European nations try to quickly reduce energy imports from Russia over the war in Ukraine.

The cornerstone of Britain’s plan is an increase to nuclear capacity, with goals to deliver up to eight reactors this decade. Under the energy security plan, the country will aim to increase its capacity to 24 gigawatts of nuclear power by 2050, or a quarter of estimated electricity demand. There will also be more oil and gas projects in the North Sea and an expansion of offshore wind and solar power. The government said it wanted to wean Britain off expensive fossil fuels.“

As can be expected, there has been reported pushback from various interest groups.  Some decried lack of stronger measures to insulate homes.

“Others denounced the plan to expand oil and gas projects in the North Sea, even as Britain has ambitious climate-change goals enshrined into law. The government said it would support domestic oil and gas in the “nearer term,” as it hopes to make 95 percent of electricity “low carbon” by 2030.”

The plan calls for more off-shore wind power, but does not encourage on-shore wind which has drawn strong resistance  from citizens.

And then there is this odd statement:  “Replacing gas power with more nuclear power is lower carbon, but nuclear isn’t renewable and it isn’t cheap,” Darren Jones, an opposition Labour Party lawmaker”.  

Both Rolls-Royce and NuScale Power have submitted plans to the government to supply SMRs (small modular reactors) that will supplement the eight large scale reactors called for in the new plan.

Finally, some sensible energy thinking.

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Author’s Comment:

Just when we thought that the UK would commit energy suicide by virtue signaling, they have seemingly been forced by the situation in Eastern Europe to come closer to their senses.

Let’s hear from readers in the UK what the public  there is saying about this plan .

Thanks for reading.

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April 8, 2022