Research Shows Persons with Vitamin D Levels Under 20 nmol/l Are 18 Times More Likely to Die from Covid!

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In his book “Herdengesundheit” (Herd Health), German physician and molecular geneticist Dr. Michael Nehls says, “Vitamin D would have prevented severe cases of disease and also most Covid-related deaths”.

He is convinced: Vitamin D is the game-changer and suggests the simple act of eliminating the great Vitamin D deficits much of the population now suffers would be far more effective than the current COVID vaccines.

Vitamin D is an important factor in our immune system’s ability to ward off viral infections. To illustrate this Dr. Nehls presents here a chart depicting how much much higher mortality is in times of low Vitamin D (November to April):

Source: here.

18 times higher mortality risk 

Citing a Belgian study and a Heidelberg study, Nehls reports that in the wintertime, when vitamin D levels are well under 50 nmol/l, you have a four times greater chance of dying from COVID, independent of age or preexisting conditions. And prospects become very dire for persons with a Vitamin D level of less that 20 nmol/l, where the risk of mortality in case of a covid infection is 18 times higher!

Statistically, researchers calculated that with a Vitamin D level of 120 nmol/l, a level that Nehls says is our natural level, a zero mortality rate from respiratory viral infections would be nearly achieved.

Much less infectious

Another interesting feature about Vitamin D levels is that the likelihood of testing positive on a PCR test drops more 50% for a person with a Vitamin D level of over 125 compared to a person with 50 nmol/l. That alone would mean having a healthy Vitamin D level would make you far less infectious. Not even the “vaccines” have been able to achieve that:

Percent corona PCR positive vs. Vitamin D level nmol/l. Source here,

Public health gross negligence

In the interview, Dr Nehls says that the government’s failure to make sure the immune system of people stays strong by ensuring healthy Vitamin D levels is “grossly negligent.” Moreover, health authorities are aware that the Vitamin D levels for the general population is way to low, but they choose to do nothing about it.

“A lack of Vitamin D leads to chronic disease” says Nehls. “With chronic disease the most money gets made. I can imagine there’s an interest not to make the recommendation, and that’s doesn’t apply just to Vitamin D.”

Nehls recommends taking Vitamin K2 along with Vitamin D to avoid possible side effects.

Beware of “cleverly manipulated” studies

Nehls criticizes studies that claim Vitamin D provides no real health benefit, accusing the authors of improperly conducting the studies in order to get a predetermined result. One study, Nehls said, was “very cleverly manipulated in order to encourage people not to bother taking Vitamin D”.

When ask if it would be recommendable to take Vitamin D as a way to treat vaccine injury, Nehls says “absolutely” and that it is urgently advised to have vitamin D levels of 125 nmol/l if you get vaccinated, which he then says wouldn’t be necessary because at that Vitamin D level, the chances of a serious COVID illness are practically zero.

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By P Gosselin on 8. April 2022