Climate Research Strike Falls Flat, Colleagues Choose Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh Night Scene. Source Nightlife-CityGuide, fair use, low resolution image to identify the subject.

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Back in January, WUWT gave our full support to  Bruce GlavovicIain White and Tim Smith‘s call for a climate research moratorium, until governments keep their promises. Sadly most of their colleagues appear to have chosen to ignore the strike and attend COP27.

Yet another climate change report

Evidence on global warming is piling up. Nations aren’t acting. Some researchers are asking what difference more reports will make

PUBLISHED : 13 MAR 2022 AT 04:00

Sometimes, Bruce C Glavovic feels so proud to be an environmental scientist, studying coastal planning and teaching future researchers, that it moves him to tears.

“We’ve had 26 Conference of the Parties meetings, for heaven’s sake,” he said, referring to the United Nations global warming summits. More scientific reports, another set of charts. “I mean, seriously, what difference is that going to make?”

“My involvement with IPCC has been a defining feature of my life for the last five to six years; I’ve slept, drunk, eaten IPCC,” Prof Glavovic said. “It’s been an absolute privilege.”

Still, he has decided not to take part in the panel’s next assessment. And he wants his fellow scientists to join him.

Few seem ready to do so, though many have weak faith in government action. The journal Nature surveyed dozens of scientists who worked on another recent IPCC report. Some 60% said they believed the planet would warm in this century by at least 3C compared with preindustrial times, much more than current international targets. A similar share said they had experienced anxiety, grief or other distress related to climate change.

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What a let down. Obviously I am not trying to imply the decision to ignore the strike and attend a lavish expenses paid trip to the upcoming COP27 climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, one of the wildest, most frenzied, hedonistic party spots on the planet, is motivated by anything other than a desire by scientists to serve the interests of the global community.

Correction: COP27, not COP28 (h/t Coeur de Lion)

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March 14, 2022